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🙋‍♂️ About me

Hi! 👋🏼
I'm co-founder and software engineer at GreenMod.🧑🏻‍💻
I'm also currently teaching computer science at a private school in Bergamo. 👨🏻‍💼
In my spare time I love learning new things, coding and implement my ideas. I love traveling and visiting new places ✈️, going to the mountains 🧗‍♂️, listening to music and reading.

Name: Domenico Gaeni
Date of birth: 9 April 2000
Location: Bergamo - Italy 🇮🇹
Email: [email protected]
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📚 Education

2019 - 2022

University of Bergamo - Dalmine

🎓 Bachelor's degree, computer engineering

I decided to attend computer engineering to deepen my knowledge in computer science and to have a 360 degree approach in order to be able to solve various problems.
Graduation vote: 103/110

2014 - 2019

ITIS P. Paleocapa - Bergamo

👨‍💻 Computer expert

During my 5 years of studies I grew a lot from the computer science point of view, learning the basics of programming and from a human and organizational point of view, thanks to my two years as student representative.
Graduation vote: 98/100

🚀 Experience

February 2022 - Present |

GreenMod @ Dalmine

🖥️ Co-founder and software engineer

I decided to open my own startup together with other friends to create a multi-brand, low-cost Home Automation product to monitor consumption and make it efficient.
So we are creating Alfredo.

Yocto Rust Linux PHP Laravel Docker AWS ECS ECR EC2 RDS Elasticache Lambda
September 2019 - February 2022

Fatture In Cloud @ Bergamo

🖥️ Full Stack Developer

I decided to work part-time while studying at university because I firmly believe that everything you learn about work can't be learned at university. I believe the work provides more technical knowledge while the university forms the resolution method. I think the mix between work and university is the best solution.

PHP Lumen Eloquent MySQL React JavaScript TypeScript Docker
November 2018

Sorint.LAB @ Madrid

🇪🇸 Internship

A week of internship abroad as a prize for winning the Donwload Innovation Contest.

JavaScript D3.js
July 2018

Aruba SPA @ Ponte San Pietro

🏢 Internship

Three weeks of internship at one of the largest data center in Italy. During my internship I studied the figure of a Computer System Administrator in more detail.

Virtual Machines Plesk Cluster MySQL Checkmk
January 2018 - June 2018

IBM @ Bergamo

☁️ Internship

Thanks to this internship I discovered the world of the Cloud, the noSQL databases and I learned to use IBM Watson.

IBM Cloud IBM Watson Assistant Cloudant DB Node Red
July 2017

Welcome Digital @ Bergamo

🎉 Internship

On my first internship I deepened the figure of the web developer who fascinated me a lot.


🏆 Awards

💪🏼 47th place worldwide at Reply Code Challenge. Here you can find the certificate of attendance. (2022)
🎖️ Winner of the "best implementation" award at the “Download Innovation - hackathon” with "Hackatomici" team. Here you can find our project. (2021)
💪🏼 111th place worldwide at Reply Code Challenge. Here you can find the certificate of attendance. (2021)
🎖️ Awarded for four consecutive years for excellent scholastic merit in the "IO e Lode" contest - Confindustria Bergamo (2016 to 2019).
🎖️ Winner of the "Download Innovation - School Contest" (2018).
🎖️ Finalist at the Italian computer Olympics in Campobasso (2017-18).

📂 Portfolio

Managment software
Management software for classroom reservations
Showcase site
Showcase site for school newspaper
Managment software
Management software for Bergamo conservatory
Managment software
Management software for bookings of activities
Smart Weather Station
Smart Weather Station (hardware and software)
Managment software
Management Software for a football tournament

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